Class Descriptions

From high-energy club vibes to ultimate performance improvement, we’ve got classes for every focus. Try a highly charged cardio challenge or measure your motivation with a little friendly class competition. All classes are calorie scorchers taught by spectacular instructors with the option to track your progress using the latest technology.

Image of an athletic man working out on an indoor bike

AMP Cycle

Get addicted to this pulse-pounding party on a bike. Experience energizing, calorie-burning cardio with the hottest club music. Ride the rhythm and feel the beat in this sweaty celebration.    

Image of two adults participating in a cycle class

EDG Cycle

Push your limits as you challenge yourself with intense drills set to motivating music. Energetic, inspirational and results-driven, this workout is the ride of your life.

This class was formerly known as Evolution Cycle.
Image of an athletic woman working out on an indoor bike

PWR Cycle

Train like a machine. Whether it’s off-season or event focused, you’ll gain powerful metrics with the latest technology to optimize your workout and conquer the road. Knowledge, that’s power.

Studio Cycle

Teachers use their own unique training and experiences to bring this class to life. The instructor will take you through cardiovascular training techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Intro to Cycle

Learn how to get the most out of cycle class. We’ll cover the basics of setting up your bike and reviewing stats like RPMs and wattage, so you can better track your progress.

Cycle Sculpt

Blast calories in an indoor cycling class that provides a total-body workout. This class is a combination of cycling and sculpting drills that will get your heart pounding and your muscles working.

Image of a man and a woman biking outdoors

Outdoor Cycle

Organized group. Unbridled passion. More than just rides, we offer guest speakers, training, maintenance clinics and even off-bike social activities. Non-members are welcome to ride with us.