Get Started

Image of an indoor cycling class's upper backs

Ready. Set. Ride.

Cycling can look intimidating, but with its low impact and individual bike settings, it’s actually accessible at every fitness level. Beginner or road racer, you decide the pace and intensity that work for you. If it’s your first class, come early to meet your instructor and get your bike set up.

Dress the Part

Cycling shoes and padded shorts can be more comfortable, but they aren’t necessary. Regular athletic wear will do, and our bikes have toe cages to fit your shoes if you aren’t clipping in.

Set Up Your Bike

Come early to claim a bike and meet your instructor. They’ll help you adjust the saddle and handlebars to fit your body and make sure you’re riding safely and comfortably, and having fun.

Stay Hydrated

Cycling is a major calorie burner, so things are gonna get sweaty. Bring a water bottle to sip on and replenish while you ride. Towels are provided for when things get dripping.

Do Your Best

During the class, keep the pace as best you can, but remember— all new activities can be challenging. You’re in control of your resistance, so work on pedaling, breathing and having fun.