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Meet fellow players and improve your game at these mostly-for-fun (and a little competitive) social club events. Singles, doubles and mixed options.

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Match play within your club or against neighboring clubs develops lasting friendships. Daytime and evening league options for men, women and mixed. Doubles and singles at varying levels.

Image of two adults playing in a tennis match

USTA Events

Find USTA-sanctioned events and tournaments in your area. Mens, womens, mixed and team events. Doubles and singles at varying levels.

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Club Championships & Nationals

Single and doubles, mens, womens and mixed divisions by Tencap rankings. Club winners move on to compete in our Life Time National Championships.


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Life Time Junior Events

Life Time offers events and tournaments specifically designed to bring kids together in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. Some events are more social — some are more competitive.

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USTA Junior Tournaments

Your kids can connect with friends while improving their game and honing their competitive spirit. View USTA-sanctioned tournaments in your area.

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Free Tennis Assessment

Where do I fit? Whether you or your child are beginners or more experienced, a free assessment with a tennis professional will help determine the appropriate types of programming to meet all needs.

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Video Coaching

Video coaching is a fantastic improvement tool performed by your Life Time teaching professional. Your pro will videotape your game, then provide commentary, instruction and insight on your individual strokes or overall strategy. Ask your tennis professional to schedule your own Video Coaching session.