Play for Fun and Fitness

You gotta love the sport that gives you a fantastic workout, improves both cardio and coordination and is so much fun. Reserve a court and play today.

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Adult Tennis

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned competitor, we’ve got lessons, coaching and competition to help you improve your game while having a blast on the courts.

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Junior Tennis

From age 4 through college age, every child or teen can learn and improve their tennis game with a progressive system of instruction and coaching. 

Today's Classes

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Connect with players and find matches

Meet new friends who play at your same level, request matches and check your stats from past matches 24/7. That’s our complimentary and dynamic Tencap platform.


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Put some love-love in your life

Tennis develops flexibility and strength, hand-eye coordination, confidence and a life-changing feeling of optimism. The sport is social, competitive, fun and always challenging, no matter what your age or skill level.


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