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Summer Camps


Save the bug spray. This summer, your kids will enjoy full days of gym games, field trips, S.T.E.M. activities, arts and fitness, and exciting weekly themes.

Weekly Themes


Get ready to get dirty and be totally GROSSED out. If you like eyeballs, worms and vomit, this is the week for you. Beware, this week isn’t for the faint hearted. Don’t worry, parents.The mess stays at Life Time.

Campfire Stories

Gather around the fire, bring the s’mores and pitch your tent. It’s Campfire Stories week! A true summertime classic, right here at Life Time.

Spy Academy

Ever wanted to go on a secret mission? Well, now you can! Campers will be challenged to solve the mystery, but you only have this week to do it! With the help of analyzing fingerprints and using your trusty magnifying glass, you’re sure to solve this mystery in no time.

Survivor Training

No doubt about it. Trying to survive in the wild is no easy feat! We’ll put on our survival hats this week to learn how to turn dirty water into clean water, keep track of the weather, and lead the way to safety with our compass.

Under the Sea

It’s a starfish! It’s a jellyfish! It’s a shark! Just a few of the amazing underwater sea creatures we’ll be learning about this week. Get ready to dive in and venture through the world below.

Foam Battles

There can only be one winner. Is it you? This week, we’ll foam battle it out creating our own bunkers, target and obstacle courses. Be prepared to get your game face on.

Culinary Creations

What’s that delicious smell? It’s coming from Life Time Summer Camp. Get ready to take it to the “kitchen” and get your culinary experience on. We’ll play the part, making our own chef’s hat, creating quick and healthy recipes, and even dabbling in the science side with bread left in the pantry for too long.

Galaxy Wars

Alright space explorers… it’s time to gear up, learn some awesome space facts, and zap through some galactic games during this wild camp week. Cosmic Campers will create Milky Way play-dough, design your own solar systems and make star-gazing telescopes.

It’s a Thingamajig

Calling all inventors! Do YOU have what it takes to come up with the next great idea? This week, we’re putting our thinking caps on and designing masterpieces that could change the world…or at least our camp day. Creative campers will design straw roller coasters, build bridges and power a car with nothing but air. Off to the lab.

Game On!

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble! Whether you’re fast, clever, sneaky, brave or just FUN, every camper will have a blast playing a variety of physical, thinking, wacky, competitive and cooperative games. The fun doesn’t stop this week, and neither does the action.

Snap, Crackle, Explode!

Don’t worry, parents. Everything is under control. We’re just creating mini explosions here at Life Time Camp. And did we mention, the messier the better? Join us this week for a blasting good time.

Pack Your Passport

Pack up your camp bag and get ready to explore different cultures and countries around the world during this exciting week. Fearless “travelers” will design airplane launchers, design your own “passports”, and create recipes and trinkets from different countries. Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Ninja Warrior

Unleash your inner warrior this week. Campers battle daily to become stronger and better, and cheer each other on. Ninja warriors aren’t just physical. They’re also brave, kind and smart. During this special week, warrior campers will design ninja bots, make your own throwing stars and create ninja-focus stress balls or fidget spinners.

Break Camps

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School-Break Camps

When school’s out for a bit, head into Life Time. From teacher in-service to bad-weather days, Life Time is a fun, convenient and affordable option for your kids to stay and play.

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Holiday Break Camps

Bring on the holiday breaks. Life Time will keep your kids entertained with healthy activities the weeks your kids are out of school.

Let the fun begin

Registering for Camps is easy. Just email us and we’ll get you started.