Nail Care Services



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LifeSpa Mani

30 Minutes

Strong nails indicate good health. So give yourself a little TLC with a luxurious treatment that infuses dry, brittle nails with moisture to strengthen and protect them.

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Express LifeSpa Mani

15 Minutes

Treat yourself to a quick 15-minute manicure. We expertly shape your fingernails, followed by an application of your favorite color. 

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Chipless LifeSpa Mani

45 Minutes

Enjoy up to 2 weeks of chipless color and shine with this gel-based manicure. Bonus: it’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and requires no UV light to cure.

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Strengthening Treatment

30 Minutes

Women and men love this fortifying treatment. Strengthen dry, brittle, thin and peeling nails with an infusion of moisture and protein—and enjoy healthy, natural, unpolished nails.  

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