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Moving Forward

Fitness is about more than strength and agility. It’s about vitality, looking and feeling your best and having confidence. Discover new ways to get moving, improve flexibility, develop lean muscle mass and create a healthier body.


GTX Burn

You need support and accountability and Burn provides that through a compassionate coach, and inspired community.

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GTX Burn

From resistance training to cardio, personal training to nutritional coaching, you’ll do it all. Burn fat, lose weight and develop healthy habits – all within a fun, supportive community.


The next step in fitness, this program will encourage you to see what you’re capable of while continuing to build lean muscle tissue and drop body fat.

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GTX Cut moves beyond basics to achieve body transformation with cardio conditioning, total body strength training and a motivating team that drives your success.

Alpha Strong

You’re an inspiring athlete who loves a challenge. Working out goes past exercise and is now the way you eat, sleep and live. These are your people. This is your program.

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Alpha Metcon

Inspired by military drills, Alpha Metcon will push your limits and deliver real results. Get ready to take on high-intensity circuit training alongside a motivated — and motivating — team.

Alpha Metcon

This high-intensity, insanely effective fat-torching program combines a cardiovascular and endurance workout to maximize your body’s energy, helping you boost performance and build physique.

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Alpha Strong

The most demanding of our four programs, Alpha Strong delivers power lifting, strength training and athletic movement at the highest, most powerful level. Join the elite. Become the elite.


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