Junior Tennis



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Private Lessons

If your child wants to get better, time with a pro is your best option. To schedule a private, semi-private or group lesson, talk with a Tennis Pro or inquire at the tennis desk.


Find all levels of Life Time and/or USTA-sanctioned events and tournaments near you. Singles and doubles, both age- and level-specific. Social or competitive options.

USTA Events

Find USTA-sanctioned tournaments near you. Singles and doubles, both age- and level-specific.


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Early Development Programming

Your younger child wants to play tennis? Start here. Beginning players 10 or younger will learn the fundamental skills of tennis, plus develop hand-eye coordination, focus, confidence and self-esteem that will go way beyond the court. 6:1 student-to-pro ratio.

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Junior Development Programming

If your child is 10 or older and wants to learn the game, they can have fun while developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sociability, focus and confidence. Beginners learn basic strokes while more advanced kids will improve their playing skills, strategy and scoring. 6:1 student-to-pro ratio.

Image of a teen girl taking a tennis lesson

High Performance

Is your kid committed to the game and looking to compete in tournaments, high school and/or college tennis? Advanced players will sharpen technical development and gain strategic advantages through situational drills, competitive match play and intensive physical training. 5:1 student-to-pro ratio.


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