Social Runs

a group of athletic adults in a run club

Tuesday Night Run

If it’s Tuesday, we’re running. Our Run Coordinators will provide the guidance and support you need at this free social run. No matter your level, we’ve got a distance and pace for you. 

a pair of feet wearing running shoes

Weekly Runs

Join us for this weekly workout series that challenges your strength and stamina. Best of all, each distance or social run is easily adjustable for a wide range of abilities.

a runner tying their shoes

Earn Your Laces

Track your mileage and climb through the Social Run ranks. For every 50 miles you run, you’ll earn a new laces color. From white to black, then orange — it's like the karate belt of running.

a young atheltic woman running

Local Running Routes

Find a new route or share your favorite with other Life Time Run members. Just enter your ZIP code to find a route provided by our Run Coordinators or share yours and follow us on