Social Rides

Several adults riding in a bicycle club or bike race

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Whether you want to ride for fun or for glory, we’ve got just the ride for you. No matter which level you choose, you’ll find a coordinator with the experience and passion to take you as far as you want to go.


You might not be sure about your bike. Or how to fix a flat. But you like to ride with friends and family. You’re a Starter who rides at speeds of 12–15 mph and covers distances of 10–20 miles two to three times per week.


You like triathlons and other bike events. You’re looking for an edge to improve your performance. You’re a Competitor who rides at speeds of 16–18 mph and covers distances of 25–35 miles three to four times a week.

Front Runner

You’re a top racer in your age group. You’ll go to any length – coaching, nutrition, heart/rate wattage training — to improve your time. You’re a Front Runner who rides four or five times per week at speeds of 19–22 mph and covers a few hundred miles.