Class Descriptions

students learning to practice yoga


Exclusive to Life Time, our signature formats have created a loyal following. Let your LifePower instructor and the energizing music guide you through a sweaty celebration of your strength.

Slow Burn

Focus inward with soothing music and a slow progression. Postures are held longer, so you can explore all the benefits of each, find balance and feel release. 

Temp: 80°F – 85°F


Create heat within your body using flowing postures with upbeat music in an already-warm room. You’ll increase strength, flexibility and endurance with the freedom to choose your own pace. 

Temp: 90°F – 95°F


Less heat, still sweaty. The same format as our LPYoga Vinyasa, but you enjoy all the benefits of free-flowing postures and energizing tunes in a class that's set to a cooler temp.

Temp: 80°F – 85°F


Discover how your body responds to effort and release in this foundation class. Let your breathing inspire movement and build strength in body and mind as you work to find balance.

Temp: 75°F – 85°F


Experience the benefits from an hour of deeper moving, breathing and awakening. This signature practice is for all levels and complements our more intense formats.

Temp: 75°F – 80°F
men and women in a yoga class


The teacher will use their own unique training and experiences to bring this class to life. You'll use your breath and body in this yoga practice.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Calm your mind with concentrated breathing as you strengthen your physical body. A vigorous practice, you’ll focus on a set and progressive series of postures. 

Temp: 85°F – 90°F


Improve your strength, flexibility and body awareness through this guided and supportive class. Our teachers will demonstrate the basics with you one pose at a time.

Temp: 80°F – 85°F


Experience a satisfying, deep stretching of the connective tissue with the support of props during this combined practice of Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

Temp: 75°F – 80°F