Invited to move. Encouraged to groove.

Studio, cycle and yoga event on August 2

In the heat of summer, experience Ignite the Night and lose yourself in a party where the lights are down low, the music is turned up and the atmosphere is glowing with energy.

Free for members. Free for non-members. Freeing for all.

Event Overview


Check in and start glowing


Experience 20 minutes of a Studio class, 20 minutes of a Cycle class and 20 minutes of a Yoga class


Social Hour (Platinum, Onyx and Diamond only)

Let’s Dance
20 Minutes of Studio Format

Experience a dance-infused studio class assembled by your instructor.

Amp Cycle Logo

Upbeat Cycle
20 Minutes of Cycle

Hop on a bike, pedal to a beat and ride in a sea of glow.

Flow Vinyasa logo

Glowing Yoga
20 Minutes of Yoga

Discover your zen, find your rhythm and breathe in the good vibes.


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