Week 10: Impact of Beverages

Q. Why is alcohol bad?
A.  It disrupts digestion and interferes with neurotransmitters that affect our mood and brain function. It also puts more stress on the liver, which is the organ that metabolizes alcohol.

Q. Can I drink flavored water?
A. Most flavored waters entail artificial additives or sweeteners. Water infused with lemon, mint, cucumber or other fruits are a good option. Some stevia sweetened flavorings are also okay to add to water.

Q. How much water do I need to drink?
A. Drink half of your ideal body weight in ounces each day. For example, if your ideal body weight is 130lbs, then your goal is to drink 65oz of water a day.

Q. What else can I drink besides water?
A. Herbal teas, stevia flavored beverages and sparkling waters are good alternatives.