Week 3: Meal Planning

Q. What’s the first step of meal planning?
A. Make a list of your favorite proteins + carbs + fats. Compile recipes and a grocery list from this list.

Pick one to two recipes that you can make in bulk that will last you and or the family for a few days. Or, start by cooking your protein in bulk so you can easily mix and match it with other foods throughout the week.

Q. How far in advance should I plan?
A. This depends on your preference. You could make 2-3 recipes in bulk to last a few days, or just cook a whole weeks’ worth of breakfast/lunch/dinner in advance, depending on what works best for you. 

Q. How do I create variety?
  • Add a variety of seasonings and healthy fats, like grass-fed butter, flavored olive oils
  • Recreate healthy recipes that you find out to eat at home
  • Take a week and commit to not repeat any recipes!
  • Do a keyword search online, but put the word “paleo” in front of it (i.e. “Paleo Pizza”, “Paleo Enchiladas”, etc.) By searching recipes with the word paleo, you’re ensuring your recipe excludes foods such as dairy, processed oils, sugar and grains
  • Utilize different forms of cooking- roast, broil, sear, steam, bake

Q. Do I have to plan ALL of my meals 7 days a week/3 meals per day?
A. That would be the ultimate goal, even if you “plan” to eat out a couple of times each week.  But start where you feel comfortable. This might just be a few meals at a time or a whole week’s worth of one food group (i.e., protein).  If you struggle the most in the morning, start with breakfast!