Doug Ledger Story

Use the legs, finish with the arms. 

I had always been kind of a gym rat, and had spent a lot of time working out, but didn't really have any guidance. My mentality was, as long as I'm strong and I look good, then I'm winning the battle. 

The bodybuilding lifestyle, with the dedication that it takes and the dieting, and it was a really dark place. I was really self-centered, sad, to be honest. 

It's all about you. It's all about the mirror. I would go and put my headphones on, bang out heavy weights, satisfy my ego, go home and do my thing. 

I ended up with some pretty serious injuries from the gym. I had a group of capillaries on my brain stem burst while I was squatting at 17 years old, and ended up in the emergency room, had a spinal tap. I had bad tendinitis in both elbows, two knee surgeries. I felt like I peeked and it was all downhill from here. And that's in my late 20s. And that's why I think I really started using more drugs and alcohol. It's because I just liked to be in that vacant space. 


I'm not a real religious person, but I believe that I had a spiritual experience that was just a gift. 

How's dinner? 

Oh, great. 

Enjoying the beer? 

I love it. 

When I came out of that moment, my addiction was completely gone. 

We happened to open the brewery in the same center as Life Time. 

I saw some normal housewives, and potbellied dads doing things I knew I couldn't do myself. I saw everybody interacting, and I saw that it was really a family. 

With the hard bell, you can go mixed grip or regular grip. 

I felt right away that it was a community. Everyone was so welcoming, and so awesome, and I knew that this is something I could get into. 

I knew that deep down inside him, that he had that fire burning. And that with the right tools that he'd be very successful. 

I wouldn't know anything about alpha if weren't for Doug. He's like, give it a try. If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again. But it was amazing. I go back every day for more. 

He pays the membership. That's the only reason they can afford to be here. And that's what makes Doug so great. 

It makes me feel like he really, truly cares about us and our health. 

Doug is kind, and caring, and generous. He pushes us to be the best person that we could ever think to be. 

That common bond that we all share is something that's really special. And you can feel it when you walk in the brewery. I think it's been one of the most valuable things that we do together as a work family. 

Good position, Doug. Nice and smooth. 

Lucy and Danny, they live it They are friends, in the truest sense of the word. 

Shoulders back. 

And I trust them. I trust them with my health. 


We bring such great energy to the class. 

We just know that we've made friends for life. And usually that's what keeps them here, though. 

Before, I just sort of operated on the surface. I never would want to be where I was. But I never would have guessed that I could be where I'm at today. 

I'm approaching 40 years old and probably in the best shape I've ever been in. So I can focus on the things that really make me happy now, like giving back. 

1, 2, 3, Alpha. 

Getting other people into Alpha, it's been a pretty remarkable journey.

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