Improving His Health to Honor a Loss

Gary Merritt

Life Time Gilbert, AZ | Member Since 2016

“I began going to Life Time every day, stopped drinking and ate a restricted diet. My goals: get healthy, honor my son’s efforts, and remain mobile as I age.”

In August 2015, I retired from a 43 year career. With no passions to pursue, I watched television and drank a lot. I would wake up the next morning feeling terrible. But, by 2 o'clock I would feel better and start drinking again.

Christmas 2015 our youngest son took his own life his memory still tugs on us. In the Marines and at Life Time he transformed himself from a scrawny 95 pound 17 year old to 146 pounds of muscle at 22.

By February 2016 I was 230 pounds and feeling physically and mentally horrible - time to change. I began going to Life Time every day, stopped drinking and ate a restricted diet. My Goals: get healthy, honor my son's efforts, and remain mobile as I age.

Fast walking on a treadmill and exercise machines were my workouts. I lost 25 pounds but was hurting from using muscles incorrectly or working a muscle harder than it was capable of handling. I could not fathom a Personal Trainer watching me workout.

The info sessions for the 60 Day Challenge in June 2016 was a revelation. The nutrition information showed I was not eating healthy and comments “muscle burns fat”, “be patient with yourself” and, “listen to your body” sold me. I signed up to lift weights with Bob Holper who explained nutrition and metabolism which has absolutely been the most valuable part of my healthy weight loss regimen.

Limited shoulder mobility and weakness prevented me from doing some weight work.  I began seeing the Life Clinic staff who offered excellent help explaining what was wrong and they have given me exercises resulting in huge differences in mobility, improving strength and eliminating pain.

From February 2016 to August 2017 I lost 55 pounds. My body fat decreased from 28.6% to 10.2%. My blood pressure and cholesterol are down and my doctor has taken me off meds.

I would not have accomplished these dramatic changes without the information, assistance and constant, positive encouragement provided by the Life Time people. I now strongly urge others to have a Personal Trainer “watch you work out” and help you learn how to improve. You will benefit in so many more ways you could possibly ever predict.

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