John Lehning Story

[MUSIC PLAYING] I have a lot of minor dents and scratches. I have four rotator cuffs. I have four screws in this shoulder. I have a fake right knee, a fake right hip. I have a left knee that is wearing out. And I'm stone deaf on this side. 

Good girl. Huh? Her name is Farvel, F-A-R-V-E-L. Look. Hey. 

I very, very active all my life. I joined the Air Force. I volunteered for Security Forces. And I applied for Officer Candidate School. Well, I had 25 years. I made Lieutenant Colonel in four years. 

When I got out of the Air Force, I ended up being offered a job with first National Bank of Omaha. 21 years later, I was president of First National Buildings, Incorporated. From day one, as far back as I can remember, I've been competitive. Now this is on a record pace. I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't my relationship with the people down at Life Time. OK, now this is the fastest I've gotten to a 1,000. 

Everybody around Life Time knows John. I would say he is a motivator to everybody around here. I know. (LAUGHING) I started giving him, like, hugs when he came up the stairs, so he called it his free hugs. 

She very professional, knows her business, and keeps her eye on me. Nine. And I don't want to understate the free hug (LAUGHING) when I go in there. And she's a neat-- a neat kid. Thirteen. 



There you go. 

He always has, like, something that he's looking forward to doing, and coming to the gym it's like-- he comes four times a week. Like, awesome. 

What I'm doing is, I'm hoping that I add years to my life. It's a fellowship type thing for me. Uh, I'm-- I'm here every other day religiously. 

He does squats, he does step-ups, he does lunges, he does all these different things. And he's had knee replacements and hip replacements and never complains about it. 

And if I wake up in the morning and I don't want to go work out, I'm letting myself down. They took out part of my left lung. I went back over here in, like, seven, eight, nine days. So I try to-- 

No excuses. 

I'm treated like part of the family, not just a customer. It gets me coming back. 

The happiest 82-year-old man that you'll ever meet. 

It is something that is a absolute essential part of my life. 


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