Mike McGuire Story

Good. All the way. Extend it all the way out because you want that pull right there. That glamour. 

First of all, he's incredibly strong. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. You, know he's been through a lot, and he's held it together. 


Kind of really started back when I lost my mom and dad. It was a bad car wreck. They got hit by a train. I fell into some pretty depressed times. Drank lot, smoked a lot, just really didn't take care of my body. Went to a doctor. She basically said, if I wanted to see my kids, I needed to make a change. 

And he's like, we have to get it together. We have kids, you know. We can't live like this. And I was like, OK, let's figure it out then. 

We live next to a Life Time Fitness. 

What weight were you using? 

I'm going to use a 20. 

My wife took the kids there often to the pool. You know, I didn't really venture in there. So I woke up one day, and I said, you know, I've had enough. 


Really it started about four years ago. 


Wake up call. 


I personally lost 110 pounds in a 90-day challenge. 


Then learning triathlon, Ocean Side Triathlon. 


Then we did Iron Man. We actually did a couple other Life Time events in between there. 60-day challenge to get ready for Leadville, 100-mile mountain bike race. All together, it's 187 pounds total lost. 

Come on. 

We do it as a team, as a whole as a team. It's not just Mike on his own. It's all of us as a team together. 


All right. 

Just got done doing hill repeats. Up early this morning. Get some intervals in. The bottom is, if you put in the work, you put it in the effort, you can do whatever you want. 




At first it's very daunting. You're just like, I've never done this so how am I going to be able to, kind of, fit in. 


It is crazy, but, you know, it's awesome. 


People call it bucket list thing, but it really, it's amazing. The fact that you're healthy, you can do these things now, you're not going to the clubs, you're not at the bar, you're not doing these other things. You're actually doing some stuff that's worthwhile. 


So when he started this journey, it was really exciting to watch him go from that 300 pound couch potato to an Iron Man. 


Here you go, Mike. Nice work. 

Hi, Mike. 


I am so sorry that you are going to have to be cut. 

Ah, no, no. It's all right. 

I'm sorry. We're up about almost 30 minutes late. 


Obviously, I missed it by 20 minutes, but you know, again, no regrets. I mean, I drop 78 pounds in 60 days and, you know, worked hard. So it's my first mountain biking event so the fact that I came this close in probably one of the toughest mountain biking events is still an accomplishment. 

I'm super proud of him because I know how much training he put into it and how far he's come. 


They'd be incredibly proud of him. Our life is a complete 180 of how he grew up and our kids will never know the struggles that he had to go through. They'd be incredibly proud. 


Yeah, that's tough. Yeah, I know they would be. Not only the fact that I'm a good father and the fact that I'm trying to raise my kids right, but deep down inside, I wish they were here to see some of it. 


He's a fantastic role model. Our kids are lucky to have him. 


I think I'm more proud of the father and the example that I became, and the husband, just in a very short period of time. We're not special. We're just a couple average people with four kids, and I work two jobs. And so I'm a firm believer that diets don't work. I mean, you can do a diet and lose some pounds, but you know we really changed everything that we did. You know Life Time became a everyday occurrence. 

You want to do biceps? 

People don't even recognize who I am. You can change your life and the confidence that something like that gives you, the difference that you see in your life, and the things that you can accomplish. It makes me pretty proud. 


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