Sheri Parks Warrick Story

I walked in here. I walked in saying, I just need to lose 30 pounds. The reality was I needed to change everything; nutrition, fitness. emotional. I mean it's just everything that's kind of falling apart. When they see a before and after picture, they all say, what did you do. 

For me when we started lifting, the weight came off. I wasn't here to build muscle. I was here really to drop the pounds. And so walking and lifting weights, the pounds came off. 

I would run up a flight of stairs and go, oh my goodness. I mean, I felt strong. There was all kinds of excuses. And once I got in here, and I started feeling stronger and mentally feeling different-- a little bit tougher with a little bit of attitude. Little by little, all those reasons why I wasn't making that change disappeared. 

It took on momentum. And my kids started seeing a change, even when I wasn't seeing it. And to have teenage kids say, this is incredible. Mom, we're so proud of you. And you go, wow, how often do your kids tell you they're proud. 

I didn't intend to change my life. I just intended to lose some weight. Sometimes I look back at where I was, and I think, I don't even know who that person was. I'm such a different person now. The idea is that somebody can look at my story and go, OK, I can do this. If she can do this, I can do this.

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