Mike McGuire Story

Jog! Tim's always been amazingly fit. 

Kicks, birthday girl! 

And he has a persona in the studio-- 


where he yells at people-- 

Up, up, up! 

Like a drill Sergeant. 

I want your butt lowered, your head high! 

And they love it. 

C'mon, pull, pull. Pull, pull. 

Yes, sir! 

There's something about being yelled at by somebody that you really respect to just want to be better. One-- 

There's just this real core group and it's all just centered on Tim. 

Work that body! 

Tim was going to a basketball game and it was in March when we have a lot of ice out. And he slipped on some black ice and hit his head on a car. 

And by the end of that week when I was sitting in Life Time about to go into the workout area, my toes started tingling. I was in excruciating pain. And I wasn't walking real well. My gait had really gone downhill. 

And I just couldn't do the things I used to be able to do. I knew something was wrong. The vertical MRI showed the there was hardly any spinal cord to be seen. So, I was in pretty bad shape and we needed to have an operation immediately. 

I was like, really, it was that bad that he was potentially not going to be able to walk. 

Long recovery, lot of prayer, lot of focus-- it was the most difficult thing I've ever done. I would never just accept a new normal. I wanted to fix it. My first exercises were walking for one minute. 

And I was holding him walking down the sidewalk. And I went, wow, this could be my future. 

How you doing birthday girl? 

Oh my gosh-- 


You look amazing. Oh my gosh! 

This group is the Tim fan club. 


I know! 

And even though he haven't taught in six years-- 

Good to see you! 

They shoot out e-mails at least once a quarter, if not every other month. 

Come here, girl! I'm not going to be nice, I'm still going to be mean to you. I'm always mean to you. 

It's time to get together. Let's go out for happy hour. 

Looking good-- nothing has changed. 

Those guys are incredible. I don't know why they like me so much. [LAUGHTER] 

But we really miss Tim. I feel like time has not even passed He looks amazing. He's fit. He's awesome. 

There's a history of this class. 

Pull. Pull. 

He is amazing and he brought together an amazing group of people that all love and adore him because he gave us everything he had. 

Seven, six--

To see him back and doing this is pretty extraordinary and epic, really. 

Total motivational-- I mean, to be able to keep up with somebody like him-- 


It's very inspirational. 

He and Karen have just been so gracious. 

There's something really pretty magical about this whole thing and they're an amazing couple. 

I've learned a lot as a wife-- to be patient and encouraging. You know, it's been amazing to watch his dedication-- it's every day. You know, at the depths when he could barely walk, I wondered, could he really get all the way back to the Tim I knew? And he is. He's on his way there and he'll get there. I know he will. 

One, two, three, four. 

But I put my goals at 110% of where I was prior to me getting injured. I intend to hit my goal. And I do and I will. And I'll be the husband that she wants me to be. I'll be able to keep up with her. Maybe she'll have a tough time keeping up with me. 

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