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 SMART℠ Junior Tennis Programs

Using modified balls, racquets and court sizes, kids start playing on court with other kids right away, learning as they go. Certified teaching pros provide plenty of individual attention, so kids get better at their own pace. With our innovative SMART programming, we focus on fun and athleticism first, with tennis skills coming second.


Red Ball

Ages 3-7.  Children learn the basic elements of tennis through a combination of techniques and partner based activities to develop hand/eye coordination, motor skills and sending/receiving the ball. Team competition is introduced. The use of specially designed equipment and professional instruction offer an age range appropriate, positive and fun experience.

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Orange Ball

Ages 7-10.  Children start to refine their technical mechanics.  Racquet head speed, serve and return and transition to the net are stressed. Competition is emphasized more, including the basic strategic and tactical concepts of singles and doubles play.

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Green Ball

Ages 10 – 12.  Classes are geared for children capable of maintaining a consistent rally on a full court. Players will continue to refine the technical, tactical, and physical foundation established in prior stages. Players will be better able to execute patterns of play, vary the spin and depth of their shots, and select the correct footwork pattern to strike the ball.

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Junior Development (Yellow Ball)

Ages 12 – 18.  Players in the initial levels of Development will be introduced to stroke mechanics and transition to refinement of these strokes.  As players advance through the levels of Development, more advanced techniques with a larger array of shots will be addressed with the focus of implementing match play strategies. It is recommended that players at the upper level of Development enter tournaments on a regular basis in order to test their skills in a competitive setting.

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Ages 12 – 18.  For juniors who are competing at high school, district, and/or sectional level.  Identifying and developing style of play and understanding match flow will be reinforced through situational drills.  Decision making skills will be emphasized in live ball drilling.  Active tournament play is required.

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