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Life Time Kids Academy offers kids ages 3 months to 11 years old access to engaging programs for up to 3 hours daily — helping them build stronger foundations for the rest of their lives.

smiling baby in a swimming class


Ages 3 months–1 year

Tummy Time

Let’s build those little muscles. We’ll help your beautiful baby prepare to roll over and learn how his or her body moves in our separate infant room.

Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development

Your baby will giggle, grab and roll over in no time as our team members engage and encourage him or her to move, interact, sit up, and use their hands.

Sensory Exploration

Exploring new worlds is so exciting. Through sensory play, we’ll expose your child to experiences that can be therapeutic, as well as helpful in improving motor skills and building vocabulary.

Parallel Play

Playing with others is a great way for babies to develop social and motor skills. Our team members will encourage your child to play freely with friends around his or her age.


There’s nothing sweeter than story time. We’ll set the stage for strong readers by reading imaginative and classic stories to them.

a little girl learning early education basics


Ages 1–2 years
Offered each hour on a rotating schedule

Imaginative Play

Let their imaginations run wild. Your kids will play and develop social skills with new friends in our toddler room that features puppet theatres, play kitchens, train tables, doll houses and more.

Create & Build

Do you have a little engineer on your hands? We’ll throw their curiosity into high gear as we create everything from tall towers to cars using blocks, toys and more.

Educational & Fitness Activities

Build a passion for fitness early. We’ll challenge your kids through tumbling, obstacle courses and fitness exercises that increase strength, motor skills and coordination.

Music Move & Groove

Turn their noise making into beautiful music. We’ll support your child’s love of making noise through different musical instrument exploration and singing.

a happy girl learning kids' fitness from a teacher


Ages 3–5 years recommended


We’ll help your little bundles of energy slow down and appreciate the power of rest, conscious movement and flexibility while holding poses.

Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts masters will teach your young grasshoppers the proper way to strike, kick, block and show respect for others.


Admit it. Your kids are little dancing machines. We’ll promote their passion for dance while teaching them beautiful ballet and even hip-hop moves.

Gymnastics / Tumbling

Your future medal winner will learn how to balance, build better coordination and tumble to their heart’s content in our specially design gymnastics studio.

Zumba Kids

We turn up the fun as your kids dance to the colorful music and choreography of the merengue, mambo, reggaeton and more in this playful workout.

Sports Skills

Game on. Your budding athlete will learn the fundamentals of multiple sports while playing games against friends.


Give me a yay! We’ll introduce your kids to interactive clinics that teach fun cheers, coordination and teamwork to prepare them for the big game.


Our instructor will help your child learn a second language through visual aids, crafts, games, music, vocabulary and dance.

Arts & Crafts

We’re breaking out the paints and craft supplies as your kids create their next mini masterpieces for your fridge.


Before your kids go on a world tour, we’ll teach them the basics through instrument exploration, vocal expression and performance.

Preschool Skills

We’ll get your little learner ready for the real deal by helping him or her learn numbers, letters, shapes and colors, and how to socialize with friends.


We’ll help start healthy habits young by teaching your children about proper nutrition to help them grow big and strong.

kids learning martial arts in class

Grade School

Ages 5–11 years recommended


We make yoga entertaining through breathing exercises and fun poses like down dog, airplane pose and flowing tree. Namaste.

Martial Arts

Build your kids' confidence and strength through our progressive karate program that teaches martial arts skills through five belt levels.


Turn up the music. We’re getting creative as we learn a range of dance styles from beautiful ballet to modern hip-hop.

Gymnastics / Tumbling

Our entertaining and challenging circuits will keep your kids moving, bouncing, balancing, tumbling, and soaring high in our gymnastics studio.

Zumba Kids

Let’s get this party started. Zumba Kids is our high-energy fitness class that keeps kids active while dancing to hip-hop, salsa, merengue and more.

Sports Skills

Get your kids in the game. Our coaches will help increase their physical skill and work ethic as they practice a range of motion to improve their athletic performance.


Let’s go, team. We’ll run your little cheerleader through the fundamentals of stunts, coordination and teamwork — but we won’t be a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e.

Fit Academy

More fun than intense, we’ll run your kids through a series of group workouts that focus on core muscle groups and leave them completely exhausted.


We’ll introduce your children to a second language through visual aids, crafts, games, music, vocabulary and dance.

Arts & Crafts

Let your child’s imagination come to life through art. We’ll teach him or her various artistic techniques while supporting their love of creating.


Are your kids ready to rock? Our high-energy music classes will let your kids discover and create music through learning and performing many instruments.

School Skills

Get them all set for school in our play-based classes. We’ll help your kids complete homework, learn organization skills and be ready for their next class.


Healthy habits start here. We’ll teach your kids how to make better food choices by educating them and having them help make nutritious meals.